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Phoenix ripucola (Brazoria Tx.) website was updated - August 24, 2002


My name is Blake, I became a palmaholic about 3 years ago when my father took me to a PSST meeting,(Palm Society Of South Texas) after that day I read anything and everything I could on palms. I live in San Antonio which is a zone 8b, the coldest it has gotten on record was 0 in 1949. Most of the palms in the city were lost but there were a few still standing (primarily Sabals). Let us hope we don't have any more of those temperatures. Typically our winter lows fall between 24 and 27. I hope you enjoy my website.

Palms I Grow
Key: S= small M=medium L=large

Palms In Ground
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana(m)died at 18 deg F, Washingtonia robusta(L), W. filifera(m), Sabal mexicana(L), Trachycarpus fortunei(L), Phoenix theophrasti(m), P. roebelenii(S), P. dactylifera(L), P. canariensis(M), Rhapis excelsa(S), Syagrus romanzoffiana(M), Trithrinax acanthacoma(S), Brahea clara(s), B. edulis(s), Chamadorea radicalas (tree form)(L), Livistona chinensis(L), L. saribus(s), L. decipiens(s), Chamerops humilis(L), C. humilis 'cerifera(S), Butia capitata(M), Caryota mitis(S) and a few I can not remember at the moment.

Butia yatay (Moody Gardens) San Antonio
San Antonio is known as a big tourism city. Our warm climate brings many visitors to see some of our more interesting sites such as; the botanical garden (see link below), and our famous riverwalk (Palm heaven). The riverwalk goes through the center of town and creates a unique microclimate which allows many palms to grow there that wouldn't elsewhere in the city. It also has the biggest Jubaea chilensis in Tx. And of course the Alamo also resides here. This is a great city to visit or live in!
San Antonio Botanical Garden
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